Quakertown Swamp (Pennsylvania) honored as a Wetland of Distinction

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. – Politicians often pledge to “drain the swamp,” but there’s one swamp in Bucks County that environmentalists say is fine just the way it is.

“A wetland of distinction is just a recognition of how important a particular wetland is,” said Heritage Conservancy Land Conservation Manager James Drennan.

The Society of Wetland Scientists recently recognized the Quakertown swamp as one of only two in the state to have the title of Wetland of Distinction. The 518-acre site is now one of the world’s most valuable wetland ecosystems.

“The services it provides to the community are invaluable,” Drennan added.https://16fefa7ec2c09611b8089a4df89cc97c.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

He says the swamp, which is the largest nesting site of Great Blue Herons in Southeastern Pennsylvania and home to an abundance of rare plants and animals, acts as a giant filter, purifier, and buffer for heavy rain, flooding and pollution. This not only for nearby Lake Nockamixon but for the well water of area residents.

“If they were to build a structure to hold storm water, clean it up and recharge your well that would cost millions of dollars but this is doing it for free,” he said.

Manual labor from Heritage Conservancy volunteers is the price to preserve it. As invasive plant species are constantly removed, as well as damaging tire tracks from 4 wheelers.

“There is still a growing need for additional conservation as we see increased development. We are right on the edge of Quakertown borough,” said  Senior Land Conservationist Laura Baird Bower.

Bower goes on to say 1500 acres of buffer habitat is still needed as a safeguard but so far the balancing act has been tipping in Mother Nature’s favor. Bower says area residents and municipalities have been working to preserve large contiguous tracks of land, the key to the swamp’s health.

SWS Wetlands of Distinction


SWS is excited to launch SWS Wetlands of Distinction,an initiative to raise public awareness of wetlands and their many benefits to human health and the environment. To meet this goal, the SWS Wetlands of Distinction will create a one-stop-shop for information on the biology, ecology, conservation status and access opportunities of high-functioning wetlands, across the nation. SWS is also collaborating with the U.S. National Ramsar Committee so that this initiative can become a vehicle for identifying and processing future applications for U.S. Ramsar designation. 

First, we need to create an inventory of wetlands that have already been deemed important by agencies and organizations. These prequalified wetlands will be used as a reference to judge future wetland applications. All applications will be reviewed by a team of regional experts to ensure that the criteria for SWS Wetlands of Distinction status are met. There is a team of wetland professionals waiting to assist you with your application questions. Please visit www.wetlandsofdistinction.org or email the committee at swswetlandsofdistinction@gmail.com for more information.

SWS Wetlands of Distinction team is calling all government and non-government organizations with critical, special or rare wetland lists to submit an application. Visit www.wetlandsofdistinction.org to learn more about the initiative, create a new account, and fill out an application for a wetland!

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